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Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Disposal

Fortunately these days, more of us are mindful of how our lifestyles impact the environment and the health of the planet. In the market of dog waste bags, some suppliers claim to offer biodegradable bags. Others say their bags are compostable, and some use recycled materials to manufacture their bags. And of course, there are the standard plastic bags.

But what is the most eco-friendly way to bag and dispose of our dogs’ waste? We scoured countless articles. We read the opinions of environmental experts, the EPA, and specialists in waste management. In the end, it appears the safest and most practical option is to bag our dogs’ waste and put it in the trash.

The Whole Dog Journal (WDJ) published a very thorough article on this topic, and it covers all aspects of the most environmentally-friendly ways of dog waste disposal. WDJ explains the pros and cons of various disposal methods, including these:

Alternatives to dog waste disposal in the garbage:

  • In-ground waste disposal system
  • Disposal system utilizing existing sewer or septic clean-out trap
  • Flushable pet waste bag
  • Burial
  • Home composting

Read the full Whole Dog Journal article to help you find the dog waste disposal method that works best for you.

It’s disappointing to think of our pet waste bags preserved for generations in a landfill. But there are many more ways we can have a greater impact on reducing landfill waste. Recycling as much household trash as possible, composting organic food waste, using permanent food storage containers instead of single-use plastic bags, foils and wraps, and reducing energy usage are a few suggestions. Incidentally, the EPA estimates that food waste constitutes 21.6 percent of discarded municipal solid waste!  If you are interested, here are some great tips from the Environmental Working Group on how to reduce household trash.


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