Glass Cat Bowl or Small Dog Dish - Duralex 5.75" Glass Food Dish
Glass Cat Bowl or Small Dog Dish - Duralex 5.75" Glass Food Dish Stack - Glass Cat Bowl or Small Dog Dish - Duralex 5.75" Glass Food Dish Glass Cat Bowl or Small Dog Dish - Duralex 5.75" Glass Food Dish - In Use

Duralex 5.75″ Glass Food Dish for Cats or Small Dogs

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Glass is one of the safest materials you can choose for serving food to your pets. Sized at 5.75 inches wide and about 1.25 inches tall, this is an ideal glass cat bowl or small dog dish. Low sides make them perfect for cats to avoid whisker stress. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in France since 1945.

If you prefer a dish with extra-low sides, please consider Duralex 5.375″ Glass Food Dish, Low-Sided, for Cats or Small Dogs

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Glass is one of the safest materials you can choose for serving food to your pets.

This is an ideal glass cat bowl or small dog dish, sized at just 5.75″ X 1.25″. Non-porous, so it won’t stain or retain odors. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Perfect for cats to avoid whisker stress.

Unlike plastic or stainless, you can safely reheat your pets’ food in these glass dishes in your microwave oven. Glass is also a safer choice over ceramic dishes, which, if improperly glazed or worn, can leach unacceptable amounts of lead and/or cadmium into food.

This product is made for humans and meets safety standards for humans. While it works perfectly as a glass cat bowl, it is actually a Cocktail Plate, part of the Duralex Lys Dinnerware Set. Formed from tempered glass, Duralex plates are equally suitable for both hot and cold foods, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in France.


  • Dimensions: 5.75″ ( 14.5cm) – approximately 1.25″ tall (nice and wide to avoid whisker stress for cats)
  • Impact and chip resistant, extremely durable
  • Duralex tempered glass is 2.5 times stronger than ordinary glass.
  • Safe – If broken by strong shock, Duralex shatters into small pieces, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Hygienic – Nonporous Duralex glass does not absorb liquid.
  • Stackable for convenient and space saving storage.
  • Constant quality control guarantees excellence, and built-in durability insures that Duralex products will maintain their look for many years.
  • Made in France
  • Learn more about Duralex tempered glass technology.

Usage & Care:

Recommendations for all products:

  • Do not use our products in the oven except for our OVENCHEF range which includes roasting dishes and ramekins.
  • Do not use our products directly over a flame.
  • Do not expose our products to a sudden change of temperature of more than 130°C/392°F.
  • Do not use a damaged or chipped product (risk to the user).
  • Avoid scratching the products’ surface.


  • Wash before use.
  • Soak the dish in soapy water for 20 minutes.
  • Do not use metallic sponges, pads, powders or abrasives.
  • To remove hard water stains, try vinegar. If this doesn’t work, we suggest trying a hard water product called LemiShine, which can be found at the local grocery store. Then try soaking your glassware in LemiShine and warm water.

About the manufacturer, Duralex:

Founded in 1945, Duralex has been manufacturing tempered glassware and tabletop products for over 80 years in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in the very heart of France. Since 1945, when Duralex invented the glass tempering process, the name Duralex has been associated with toughened glassware, utilizing their proprietary process.

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1 review for Duralex 5.75″ Glass Food Dish for Cats or Small Dogs

  1. Wendy Leigh (verified owner)

    I happened on Sabi Pet’s website because I was looking for a very specific glass bowl and it had to meet exact measurements for a custom dog feeder I had made. I could not find this bowl anywhere and I had searched for weeks. For some reason, when I was searching that day, Sabi Pets came up and had the exact bowl I needed…the Duralex 5.75″ Glass Food Dish. I was so excited! I ordered 4 and they had a code for new customers that allowed my order to ship for free. The order shipped immediately and was set to deliver by the end of the week. The end of the week came and went and the following Monday came around and I knew my order was delayed as I had been tracking it. I planned on just being patient and waiting it out but to my absolute shock, I received an e-mail from Bobbie that she knew my order was delayed and was on top of it. You just don’t see this kind of customer service anymore. Long story short, Bobbie followed up on that order for 3 weeks with different USPS locations until it was delivered to my door. This was absolutely no fault of theirs but I will tell you that going that extra mile for such a small order meant so much to me. Not only that, she kept in contact with me throughout the process. As if that didn’t impress me, I then received a personal, hand-written thank you about a month later. I am absolutely blown away by this company. While my cat and dog are both young right now, I know there will be a time when I need specific products for aging pets and Sabi Pets will be the first place I go. Their customer service goes above and beyond anything you could expect. This is a small, family-owned business with incredible products and customer service that can’t be beat. I have told my family and friends about my experience because I want to encourage everyone to shop here. You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Sabi Pets! You are truly a company that exceeds expectations!

    PS- the bowls are perfect!!!! I love them!!

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