Products for Urinary Incontinence in Dogs - Reusable Underpad
Products for Urinary Incontinence in Dogs - Reusable Underpad Reusable Pet Pads

Empire Brushed Poly Reusable Underpad


Like humans, aging pets often experience some incontinence.  Medical conditions or even the exertion a mobility-limited pet expends trying to rise to a standing position may result in unintended elimination accidents. Protect your furnishings and pet bedding with reusable, washable, waterproof underpads.



You want to be sure your aging pet always has a clean, dry bed where he or she can rest. However, urinary incontinence in dogs is common as they age.  Urine leakage or accidental bowel movements often occur while an aged pet is asleep. These washable, reusable underpads (bed pads) are excellent products to include in your supplies.

Because the pad is in plain view, it is immediately obvious when an accident occurs. You can quickly change the underpad, clean your dog, and replace with clean bedding, assuring a fresh, sanitary environment. One of the major disadvantages of dog diapers is that they are often left on dogs too long. Dog diapers can be uncomfortable, unsanitary, and may lead to painful urine scald, rashes, inflammation, extreme discomfort, and even infection for your dog.

While you work with your veterinarian to determine the cause of the incontinence, protect your pet’s bedding from unintended elimination with a washable, reusable, waterproof underpad.  Use it alone, or layer under a light sheet to simplify cleanup. “Accidents” can quickly be cleaned by removing the soiled underpad and sheet for laundering and replacement with a clean sheet and underpad.


  • 100% brushed polyester for high performance and durability
  • Choose from two sizes:
    • 34″ X 36″
    • 24″ X 34″
  • Brushed polyester face treated for super-absorbency keeps your dog comfortable
  • Quilted to a blended poly/rayon heavyweight soaker
  • 10 oz. absorption capacity
  • Durable, dependable knitted vinyl barrier
  • Protects furnishings and pet bedding from accidental elimination incidents
  • Environmentally friendly by avoiding sending single-use diapers and pads to landfills
  • Machine wash & dry (do not use fabric softener, as it hinders absorbency)
  • Made in USA

For smaller dogs, see our 18″ X 20″ reusable underpads.

Tip:   Your aging dog may be experiencing unintended urination or bowel movements because of difficulty rising from his or her bed. Getting up could be too painful, or because of hind limb weakness, the additional exertion of attempting to get up may be causing the accidents. Therefore, be sure to ask your veterinarian for a thorough examination to help determine the cause of the incontinence. In the meantime, helping your dog up with a sling or a sheet to go outside for elimination breaks every 3-4 hours may help reduce accidents.

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24" X 34", 34" X 36"


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