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Empire Premium Reusable Underpad 18″ x 20″


Premium reusable, waterproof underpad to protect furnishings and pet bedding.

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Make reusable underpads part of your dog incontinence supplies.

You want your senior pet to have a clean, comfortable bed at all times. But dog incontinence is common with seniors. Some have occasional incontinence, some dribble a bit while sleeping, and some strain when they struggle to stand with arthritis or weakened muscles. Many senior cats have kidney disease, resulting in increased water consumption and elimination needs.

In case of an accident, you don’t want any waste seeping through your pet’s bed covering to the support base inside — the bed could be ruined!

Reusable underpads are a great solution. They protect furnishings and pet bedding with a waterproof barrier. When soiled, remove excess waste, and machine wash and dry.

Much more environmentally-friendly than single-use disposable diapers and pads, which add to overflowing landfills and take hundreds of years to decompose.

Featured benefits:

  • 100% brushed polyester for high performance and durability
  • Non-slip waterproof barrier
  • Quilted to a blended poly/rayon soaker
  • Super absorbent:  12 oz. soaker absorbency
  • Knitted vinyl barrier for total protection
  • Breathability assures comfort and healthy skin for patients
  • Durability, reliability and comfort make this pad one you can count on
  • More environmentally friendly than single-use disposable diapers and pads
  • Cost effective – can be used over and over
  • Stays in place better overnight and less likely to slip around than some disposable pads
  • More reliable and unlikely to tear like disposable pads
  • Machine wash and dry (do not use bleach or fabric softener)
  • Made in USA

Usage Tips:

  • This 18″ x 20″ pad is ideal for smaller dogs’ or cats’ beds, carriers, and car seats
  • Pad can be positioned beneath the hindquarters of a medium-sized dog while sleeping, in case of leaks
  • Ideal for protecting bedding in cat carriers for vet trips. Keep a spare on hand with clean extra bedding in case of soiling during travel.

For larger sized pads, please consider our 24″ x 34″ and 34″ x 36″ pads.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 in


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